The most important thing about dentistry is happy patients! We are proud to often have kind things said about us. Many of our patients refer their friends and family to us.



Review 1
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Dr Dhillon,

Just to say a big thank you for everything you have done. You have totally transformed my mouth and my confidence. I didn't think I could ever feel like this about myself, or a dentist – Amazing really!

Thank you again for restoring my faith and being such a brilliant dentist – you are a perfectionist – don't ever change.

Review 2
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Dear Dr Dhillon,

Arrived safely, complete with my new smile! Already had some photo's developed of my trip around these Islands on a Turkish Gullet. It's nice to smile with confidence. Thank you for all your hard work.

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To Dr Dhillon,

I thought as I am on both your walls, you might like another card (Ha, Ha). I've popped over here between the 2 jobs. It's lovely and sunny and my teeth get better all the time!! Look even better with a sun tan which is developing nicely.

Review 3
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Dear Mr Dhillon

I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my dentist for the past few months.

You are one in a million and a credit to your profession. I will miss you so much. You are a terrific, kind, understanding and sympathetic dentist.

I have been afraid of the dentist ever since I can remember and I will miss you so much. You haven't hurt me any time or caused me any distress at any time.

I just hope I can find another dentist to your standards. I cannot believe it's taken me all these years to find such a professional and great dentist. You will be a terrific loss to this practice.

I wish you well in your new place of work, luck and happiness. I hope your Christmas brings you joy and happiness and that the New Year brings all that you deserve.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for all you've done for me and never hurting me and for all your patience and understanding.

Review 4
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Dear Dr Dhillon

As you know I was an extremely nervous patient when I first visited you. Due to your kindness and understanding, I overcame most of my fears. This enabled me to have the treatment necessary, which has dramatically improved the appearance of my teeth no end.

The new material used in the fillings is nothing less than miraculous, and the results indistinguishable next to my other teeth.

Thank you once gain for looking after me, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

Review 5
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Dear Dr Dhillon,

Just a short notes to thank you for replacing my front teeth! It was the best decision I ever made. It is wonderful to be able to smile with my children when someone takes out a camera rather than hiding behind them!

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Dear Dr Dhillon,

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have carried out on my teeth, from my veneers to my crown replacement! I realise it’s been no mean feat! I recently looked up the definition of no mean feat and it said “to be a great achievement” and for that I thank you.

Review 6
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Attn: Dr Dhillon,

Following my recent dental treatment, I felt compelled to drop you a line to compliment Academy Dental Practice on the first class service that I have received.

I approached you with a view to spending £6/7,000 on veneers to replace my discoloured teeth. It would have been very easy for Academy to simply fulfil my request as I was convinced that veneers were the answer having seen good results first hand from a work colleague.

Dr Dhillon explained the various options available to me and strongly recommended whitening rather than the veneer option. As I trust Dr Dhillon implicitly I decided to proceed with his advice at approximately 10% of the veneer option. At the same time as the whitening I had a crown fitted to one of my front teeth, I can honestly say that you cannot tell which one is the real one!

All of my family use the practice and I would not hesitate to recommend Academy. From the minute you walk through the door you are to feel welcome the whole team are exceptional professionals – I never thought I would say I enjoy going to the dentist…

Review 7
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Dear Dr Dhillon,

Just a quick note to let you know how impressed our technicians have been with the quality of the impressions you take. On Friday Stu made us all come and look at the one you took for C Clarke before he processed it, and said you're a good operator. He's a very experienced and demanding ex-Army Dental Corps senior technician and this was not faint praise!

Thank you so very much for taking care in the impression stage, it makes our job a lot easier. It's always a pleasure to work with a dentist who so obviously cares very much for his patients.

Review 8
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Dear Doctor Mehta

Thank you for the treatment you gave me for periodontal disease in April last year.

I was amazed, and very pleased with the difference it made both to the appearance of my gums, and also because I have completely lost the unpleasant taste that was always in my mouth before the treatment. I was not at all sure that I could believe that I would no longer need mouthwash, as you suggested would be the case, after the treatment, but that continues to be true. I should have had more faith in you!

Your "After-care" has been great too. You have taught me a lot about how to keep my untidy mouth healthy. Now it is really down to me to really persevere with what I have been taught, as, in retirement, I can no longer afford to continue paying for check-ups from you.

I am fortunate to the extent that I can continue to visit Hygienist Anna to help me keep disciplined in my mouth care.

I am certainly glad Dr. Dhillon suggested your treatment, and I would recommend your treatment to anyone whom I met who was looking for further treatment for gum disease.

Review 9
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Hello - I'd like to thank you for the outstanding work you did on my tooth which required a crown after I broke it biting into an olive. Your attention to detail, high standards, and professionalism ensured that I didn't just get a 'good crown” but a superb crown which looks as good as my original tooth but is actually stronger and longer lasting. Not only is your work excellent, but you and your team are extremely kind and helpful - which is very important when undergoing such a procedure. I can assure you that I will smile as broadly as before, thanks to you.

Review 10
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I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing results of my teeth whitening. I fly out to my daughter's wedding in a few days time and I will definitely be smiling all the way! I am absolutely delighted with the difference it has made to my appearance.

Review 11
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Dear Dr. Dhillon and all staff,

It has taken me a while but I am writing to thank you and all your staff for the superb treatment I received when I had my partial denture treatment. I do not feel "dressed" unless I am wearing them and I am totally satisfied with the results. They are extremely comfortable to wear and I can now smile without embarrassment. They have made an immense difference to my everyday life and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to friends and family. Once again thank you for your excellent work, treatment and end result, it has made a huge difference to my lifestyle.

Review 12
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A truly relaxing and surprisingly pleasant experience, not what you would expect from a Dental Practice. I was met with a smile at reception by a friendly face and that vibe just continued throughout the practice.

The contemporary and modern surroundings accompanied by the aromatic scented candles almost make you forget where you.

Dr Ranvir Dhillon has a wonderfully calming manner, a great deal of patience along with the skill and expertise to make you feel confident and in safe hands.

I cannot say enough to recommend him and his professional team at Academy Dental.

Review 13
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I was recommended Dr Dhillon by my daughter who has been a patient of his for several years.

I had been advised by other dentists to have implants. This was the only option I was given.

After my initial consultation with Dr Dhillon, he talked me through other options.

I felt very confident and at ease with him and I decided to have bridge re-construction.

My treatment was nearly 3 hours and at no time did I feel any pain or distress. The end result exceeded my expectations.

He is very gentle, kind and a considerate dentist. His practice is very welcoming and he has state of the art equipment.

I would like to thank him, his nurse Janet and receptionist, Lyn, for always making me feel so welcome and at ease.

Review 14
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Dear Dr Mehta

I would like to say how happy I am with the results of the gum restoration work that you carried out on my front teeth. I had been unwilling to smile because of unsightly gum recession, and so was recommended to you by my dentist at the Sandhurst Academy Dental Practice.

You felt that the problem could be resolved through a graft from the roof of my mouth to replace the receded gum. You talked me through the procedure in detail. You felt that the procedure had a high likelihood of success, but you were also very open about any possible risks. You gave me the confidence to take your advice.

The procedure went as you predicted, discomfort was less than expected. You were most solicitous as the gums healed, calling me at home a few hours after the procedure to check how I was. Then you checked again in the following days, and continued to be solicitous over the following weeks, with short but frequent appointments to confirm that the healing process was going well.

As you predicted, the healing went very well. I am very happy with the results, which are actually much better that I had hoped. The only thing that was less than expected was the price, so I can confirm that I feel that I received excellent value for money.

So, thank you very much for your excellent treatment and for restoring my confidence in social situations. I would be more than happy to recommend you and this treatment to any future patients.