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Biomimetic Dentistry

The aim of bio-mimetic dentistry is to use synthetic materials to recreate the natural look and function of teeth. This type of dentistry is not ordinarily avaible on the NHS as the materials used are more costly and more time is required. We are proud to be able to offer you the highest quality dentistry if you would like to have natural and healthy looking teeth.

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This patient attended with pain from a tooth which was recently filled elsewhere. The silver amalgam filling was taken out and decay was found. The tooth was root canal treated and an Emax all ceramic crown placed. Emax is a new type of porcelain which is beautiful and strong to replace the missing enamel of the tooth.

The old fillings were taken out of the teeth and lots of hidden decay was found. The decay was carefully removed. The large tooth was restored with a Lava Ultimate overlay. This is a resin nano-ceramic which gives excellent strength and is bonded to the tooth. The overlay is milled in a laboratory from the pre-hardened material so it is stronger than fillings placed in the mouth. The smaller premolar tooth was restored with ceramic resin which provides a beautifully natural looking tooth.
A tooth with a large old filling like this would often be crowned but using an inlay only the filling is replaced and the tooth is strengthened.
This broken unsightly tooth is transformed with a ceramic inlay. Compared to the other teeth with old amalgam fillings it looks totally natural and is now stronger.

These teeth were repaired with poor quality materials and were failing with decay inside. The after picture is actually 6 years later which shows that high quality materials will last and remain looking natural.

These teeth have been repaired using ceramic resin "white filling". The high quality of materials and careful workmanship create teeth which are natural looking and strong.

Here is a selection of cases with teeth restored using bio-mimetic materials. After treatment the teeth look natural, are stronger and healthier.